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Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyuu Kai
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Date:2017-01-20 00:30

Yeah, not dead yet.

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Date:2015-03-09 04:50
Subject:I used to say Mrow.

Sometimes I still do. I'm whacky like that.


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Date:2013-11-03 09:47
Subject:Yeah, the new editor is stupid.

Sorry about the wall of text.

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Date:2013-11-03 09:42
Subject:Nanowrimo has begun

Lisbeth's ArmsCollapse )

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Date:2013-06-17 08:19
Subject:You mean I can post here? :P

Why hallo thar everyone!

And seriously, you should be watching Doki Doki Precure.

And god, my userpics are awesome.

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Date:2013-03-05 05:42
Subject:Gods its cold

And for the fourth time in two years, my heat and hot water went out
yesterday. Woke up freezing, turned on shower, cold water came out. UGH. I
like where I live, but seriously, this is getting old. And I don't want to
move again.

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Date:2013-02-25 08:23
Subject:Sometimes I hate my life.

And other times I blog.

Sometimes. Maybe. :D

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Date:2012-12-12 16:06

Seriously trying not to comment on Paul S. Kemp's LJ finishing up his little snippet like this:

The footsteps on the roof grow louder, then suddenly stop. A gust of wind blows the door open and a man's form appears in the frame of the doorway. The wind grabs at his cape and blows it ominously outward. The moon, shining in the window, appears to be hidden by the shape of a foul night beast. A silent winged hunter. The man, his face hidden by the stylized helm he wears, grins an evil grin and whispers "I'm Batman."

Seriously trying not to post this. TRYING.....

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Date:2012-12-12 04:21
Subject:So I'm a four hundred year old shrine maiden protecting Japan....

Hisa... The other other KyaaCollapse )

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Date:2012-11-18 13:53
Subject:And it goes on....

In which Asuna learns a few of the quirks of Sword Art OnlineCollapse )

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Date:2012-11-18 10:58
Subject:Its been a while...

But its November... so here goes....

A Lonely Night in AincradCollapse )

I am such a tease.

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Date:2012-08-05 14:24
Subject:So... where were we going?

Anyone remember?

I know Ami has intentions towards Mako... and Mamoru's heart is torn between Usagi and Rei-chan.

Anyone want to see if the Fuku is truly inexcapable? :D

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Date:2012-03-05 12:51
Subject:The Yamaku Garden
Mood: content

A Katawa Shoujo Fanfiction - A Kyaa the Catlord Jam

The proper caring of flowersCollapse )

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Date:2012-03-05 10:28
Subject:Nice to Misha...
Mood: calm

A Katawa Shoujo fanfiction... A Kyaa the Catlord Jam.

Katawa Shoujo spoilers withinCollapse )

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Date:2012-02-22 15:05

Last night... a girl I have been chatting with asked me out.

I said sure.

And the rest is future history.

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Date:2012-02-14 01:57
Subject:Its that time of year again. Happy SAD.

La muerte del rojo

When I was young you nurtured me. Had I thirst, you gave me cold clear water; if I hungered, you fed me the finest foods. I grew straight and strong under your gentle hands... I matured... I grew great, strong and bold, the brightest light and warmth provided in your care empowered me. Tall and straight was I, my defenses sharp and healthy. All I could want you provided me, then came that day, that shocking day that you stole my innocence. The hands that held me with such care, now sliced through me. I lie here wrapped in plastic, with my sisters around me. You slew us, took us while we blossomed before you. I hate you father, may the rust colored petals serve to remind you of the sin you have rained upon us for this day. This Valentine's day massacre...

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Date:2012-02-13 06:52
Subject:You know I never post here.

Sorry about that. I've been playing around on Star Wars and Facebook far too
much. Hopefully I will write moar soon.

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Date:2011-12-14 17:13
Subject:Kyaa's minireview of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic is a story and quest driven mmorpg. It features multiple worlds in the Star Wars universe. Into these worlds, players can choose from 8 classes split between two factions with four races available per class. Each class is further divided into two streams after level 10 which allows for further specialization in party and play role in the gameworld.

The game itself is driven by its storyline. The galaxy is divided on black and white lines between the Republic and Sith Empire. Each faction has at the heart of its forces a group of mystical warriors wielding the power of the Force, each faction's mystics approach to this near-magical power streams from a worldview which is diametrically opposed. The Jedi seek peace and use the Force in an effort to maintain security and protect the citizens of the worlds the Republic controls while the Sith lords use it for personal gain and in ways which typically would be considered evil.

In each faction, there are two classes which wield the power of the Force and two classes which do not. The non-Force wielding classes tend to be more focused on ranged weaponry and to some extant stealth.

All quests include fully voiced dialogue and cutscenes are beautifully animated. The voice acting is top notch and blends in well with the existing Star Wars material. For instance, the leaders of the Imperial forces tend to speak with a British accent much like those in the movies.
Combat in The Old Republic is based on cooldown management. Each skill causes a negative status to the character which must pass before he or she can use another skill, and an additional time in which the used skill becomes unavailable. This causes combat to be varied and tactically more challenging than simply clicking the same set of buttons over and over again.

The game itself is divided into a number of servers which are marked as either a pve, pvp or rp server. In all servers, dueling is available from what I have seen. In a pure pvp server, more focus is on worldwide faction versus faction combat. In PVE severs, pvp is limited and combat is mostly against the wildlife and enemy npcs. The RP servers advertise themselves as a more pure, in character game world; however, I have not seen anything that makes them seem any more in character than any other server I have played on. Although, it does seem like there is less inane chatter in the global channel on our RP server. (But it is still early, early access has only been going for two days now.)

If I had a particular complaint to point out about the game is that it is not easy to learn how to play. You are dumped into a world at war and the game does not hold your hand when you are learning how to play. Although, it is not terribly vindictive when it comes to player death and it does tend to have respawn points and resurrection available on spot in most cases. (It does not, using Mabinogi as an example, force you to respawn back in town without an easy way back to your dungeon or corpse.)

All in all, I've really been enjoying my time in TOR and would rate it very highly as MMORPGs go. It isn't too hard or too easy, it is well designed and great care has been taken in storywriting and presentation. And the character models are wonderful. :)

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Date:2011-10-29 02:56
Subject:Madoka Magica episode 3

Just finished this episode with Davron, who is a Madoka virgin, and he called the ending of episode 3 before it happened. Jeez, it blindsided everyone but he saw it coming. Impressive. :D

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Date:2011-10-28 23:31
Subject:Rewatching Madoka Magica.

I just realized, you can buy all the sets at Ikea. :D


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